Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover You If Your Tree Falls on Your Neighbors House?

November 16, 2022
November 16, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover You If Your Tree Falls on Your Neighbors House?

Lately it’s been so windy outside, you might be wondering if you’ve been mysteriously transplanted into Wyoming! And when the weather gets unpredictable, any cautious homeowner starts to feel concerned about their property. What happens if your home is damaged due to events such as a tree that falls during a windstorm?  Will homeowners insurance cover this type of disaster?

Luckily, yes, homeowners insurance almost always covers damage to your home from fallen trees. Do make sure that you properly document the incident with pictures and call your insurance company right away to report the damage. As for your home’s contents that might have been damaged in the event, policies can vary drastically regarding their coverage limits for personal possessions. Make sure you’ve documented any very expensive items that you might own.

If the tree is not on your home, but in the yard, homeowners insurance varies on coverage for cleanup. If the tree blocks your driveway, for example, cleanup might be covered. But homeowners insurance often does not cover the cleanup for fallen trees that are simply lying in the yard.

If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your house, your policy should cover the damage just as if it were your own tree. However, if it becomes clear that the neighbor failed to address certain concerns, such as a rotting or diseased tree, they might actually be legally responsible for paying for the damages.

And on that note, you don’t want to be that neighbor for someone else! If wind or some other event blows one of your trees onto a neighbor’s home, there is a chance you could be held liable for damages in the event they decide to sue. That’s because neglecting a tree that obviously needs to be removed can be considered an act of negligence.

So while you’re enduring this windy weather, remember to watch out for potential problems that can befall you. Give us a call to discuss diseased or dead trees that concern you, and we’ll help you decide if they need to be removed for the sake of safety.


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