Why You Should Never Remove Stumps Yourself

October 1, 2019
October 1, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

Why You Should Never Remove Stumps Yourself

Do-it-yourself (DIY) culture is popular, especially on YouTube, and many DIY projects are completely safe to attempt on your own. Some are even fun! And of course, you can save money by completing necessary chores yourself.

Unfortunately, stump removal is not something most amateurs should attempt. Attempting to DIY your stump issues could be dangerous, for the following reasons…

Roots can extend much farther than you think. When you attempt to remove a stump, you’re going to disturb the roots (and anything they’re attached to). This can translate into damage to underground electrical wires, gas lines, plumbing, a septic tank, and other plants in the yard. Disturbing some of these things can be dangerous, not to mention the expense of repairing them.

The machinery can be tricky. Unless you have experience operating the heavy machinery necessary for stump removal, you could end up in danger without even realizing it. Aside from the danger of operating the equipment itself, the resulting flying debris can hit you or the people around you.

And don’t even think about tying a rope to a pickup truck, and attempting this “old fashioned” method of DIY stump removal! In the best case scenario it just won’t work, but in the worst case scenario you can experience damage to your truck or injury. The rope will be under an incredible amount of tension, and if it breaks, watch out!

It’s probably a lot more work than it looks like. Aside from danger, you might regret a DIY stump removal for another reason. That extensive root system can cause a lot of damage to your yard when it’s pulled up. Many homeowners have gotten halfway through this task and then regretted it, due to the amount of trouble it becomes. You could also end up with an enormous, unsightly hole in your yard, which then becomes an eyesore as you attempt to fill and manage it.

Since DIY stump removal can be dangerous, and an awful lot of trouble, save yourself the time and potential liability. Give us a call about professional stump grinding, and we can help you solve your problem the safe and convenient way.



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