Why Crown Reduction is Important for Your Trees

August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

Why Crown Reduction is Important for Your Trees

If you have an established yard with mature trees, you might think of your yard as “low maintenance”. At least, it could seem that way by comparison with new landscaping that requires intensive care and support. But even older trees do need occasional trimming and other maintenance work.

In particular, mature trees can eventually look overgrown or messy. Their shape might become less pleasing over time, as many smaller branches began to crowd one another. If that is the case, crown reduction can restore your tree’s former splendor.

What is crown reduction? Crown reduction is a specialized horticultural technique in which primary branches and foliage around the top of the tree (the crown) are trimmed or removed. The correct branches must be identified by an expert so that the end result is a pleasing shape at the top of the tree. The result can shock you at first! But this very carefully planned type of pruning is necessary for both aesthetic and health reasons.

Why is crown reduction important? The primary reason you might consider crown reduction is to achieve a more “clean” appearance for your tree. But this technique will also serve to keep your tree healthy. When we remove cluttered branches, more sunlight can penetrate through the branches. Crown reduction also improves air flow, lowering the risk of some diseases. And because old and dead wood is removed, we can often reduce the risk of falling branches that can be messy or even create a hazard.

Crown reduction is not something the amateur should consider! It requires knowledge of the technique along with special climbing equipment, and the job can be dangerous. Give us a call to discuss crown reduction for your tree, and we’ll help you restore its beauty and health in a safe, professional manner. And we’ll even clean up before we leave!


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