What We Can Learn from the Laguna Niguel Fire

May 21, 2022
May 21, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

What We Can Learn from the Laguna Niguel Fire

As you probably already know, the Coastal Fire recently destroyed 20 homes in the upscale community of Laguna Niguel.  Dry weather conditions and winds caused this fire to spread rapidly and forced evacuations of 900 homes in the area. While those of us in Temecula may not have been directly impacted, here’s what we can all learn from this calamity…

As extreme drought conditions persist in California, authorities are gearing up to combat another potentially disastrous wildfire season. Last year, we suffered through 8,835 wildfires in the state that destroyed 3,629 structures. And according to experts at the First Street Foundation, about 80 million properties around the US are at risk of destruction via wildfire.

With California being one of the top states for wildfire risk, 27,905 properties in Temecula were identified in the RiskFactor.com report as being vulnerable to wildfire. You don’t need reports and experts to tell you that, though. We’ve all seen what happened nearby in Laguna, and we all know that our region is regularly affected by fast-moving wildfires.

In areas like ours, with dry conditions and frequent winds, fires can spread quickly and without warning.  As a homeowner, prevention begins with keeping your trees, shrubs, and lawn properly trimmed and reducing the amount of flammable materials in your yard and around your home.  Dry, overgrown trees can be rapidly consumed by flames that start blocks or even miles away from your home.

This year, 1,734 wildfires have already burned 7,464 acres of land in Southern California. And with summer temperatures arriving and the drought persisting, there’s no sign of the problem going away any time soon. All of our properties here in Temecula are at risk, and the risk is higher for those with overgrown vegetation and other fire risks around their homes. We must all take measures similar to those utilized by the forest service, to reduce the amount of “fuel” available to wildfires around our home. Slowing the spread of a fire means that the fire department has more time to respond, and a better chance of containing the fire.

Don’t let this devastating event happen to you. These conditions have represented the driest climate and the most severe drought in the history of California. Let us help you protect your property by keeping your trees properly manicured and trimmed, reducing the ability of fires to spread.

We’re experts when it comes to trimming and removing overgrown trees and palms. Give us a call today, and ask about our Day Rate special.


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