What to Do About Broken Branches

January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

What to Do About Broken Branches

Broken tree branches are a normal occurrence, due to wind, disease, overgrowth, snow and ice, or other natural events. But when a major limb breaks off and falls, you might soon face some decisions regarding tree trimming or removal.

First, start the cleanup. Look up. Are there more broken pieces of the branch, dangling and ready to fall? Are any branches touching power lines? In the event of a dangerous situation, call in the experts immediately. Otherwise, you can begin the cleanup process. If you’re not extremely comfortable using a chainsaw, and don’t have the right protective equipment, consider using hand tools or calling a professional to cut up large limbs.

Check out the “wound”. Did the branch break off cleanly from the trunk, or are pieces left hanging? Is the trunk damaged? Ripped bark can be repaired by using a knife to smooth the wound’s edges. Doing this can help to prevent further decay from setting in.

Note: If climbing will be necessary to perform this chore, use all necessary safety precautions or call a tree trimming company for help.

Address severe damages. If the trunk split deeply where the branch detached, the entire tree could be weakened. Another common situation is that trees become unbalanced, with heavy limbs all on one side. If the tree has become a danger of falling, especially onto your house, the whole thing might need to be removed. Don’t attempt this task yourself, especially if the tree is a large one. A damaged tree can be particularly difficult to remove, and poses a danger if you don’t possess the right equipment and expertise.

Address aesthetics. If the tree can be saved, you might still find its new shape unappealing. Call us to discuss tree trimming services, and we can help you re-shape the tree.



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