What Happens When You Don’t Trim Your Trees?

March 13, 2023
March 13, 2023 Ryan McFadgen

What Happens When You Don’t Trim Your Trees?

No one wants yet another home maintenance chore to perform, so you might balk at the idea that you need to trim your trees regularly. After all, they’re outside! Shouldn’t they take care of themselves?

You could certainly just let nature take its course, with regard to your trees’ maintenance and health. But keep in mind that nature often does undesirable things, and that the appearance or even value of your property might be impacted. There’s a reason we live in neighborhoods with cultivated lawns, rather than in the woods. Most of us like things this way!

So if you forgo regular tree trimming, what’s the worst that could happen? Probably nothing, right away, but over time you will likely experience one or more of these problems.

Your trees could get sick. Overcrowded branches reduce air flow and can contribute to a number of tree diseases. Your trees could become less attractive over time, and probably won’t live out their normal life span.

Loose branches and accidents. Limbs that become diseased or simply too long will weaken over time. There’s no immediate risk, but at some point (and no one knows exactly when) those brittle or dead branches will break and fall. You could end up with damage to your roof or car. If the limb falls onto your neighbor’s house or car, you might be liable for damages. Limbs that fall onto power lines could cause inconvenient outages. And in the worst case scenario, someone could get hurt.

Unwanted pests and diseases. Decaying trees attract a lot of attention from termites, rodents, fungal diseases, and more. As those infestations move in and begin to thrive on your dead or dying tree, they will reproduce and move along to more spots in your yard – or even your home.

And of course, neatly trimmed trees simply look nicer in your landscape. Call us to discuss your tree trimming needs, and we’ll help you protect your property and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.



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