What Are the Different Types of Tree Trimming?

August 17, 2021
August 17, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

What Are the Different Types of Tree Trimming?

Trimming trees is what we do, but homeowners need the job done for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the job falls into one of the following five categories:

Damage. Trees that show damage, either from storms or a disease that was left untreated, can sometimes be less than attractive. Broken limbs alter the symmetry of the tree, and can also pose a risk of falling. Injuries or damaged property can be the result. Often, tree trimming is performed for safety and aesthetic reasons due to prior damage.

Disease. A diseased tree, when caught early in the progression of the disease, can often be saved. Sometimes this might mean removing diseased parts of the tree, before the disease spreads to the rest of it (and even to other nearby trees).

Overcrowding/overgrowth. Sometimes a tree simply grows too many limbs and they become tangled and crowded. In this case oxygen might be restricted, leading to ill health. Even if the tree remains healthy, the overcrowded limbs are less than attractive. Many homeowners want to trim out some of the excess growth, so that their tree is both healthier and more attractive. We can also achieve a more pleasing shape this way.

Structural abnormality. Sometimes that overcrowding or overgrowth can contribute to an unstable tree overall. If too much growth occurs at the top or to one side, your tree could be at risk of falling (especially during high winds).

Proximity. A tree’s limbs can simply grow too long, and begin to encroach upon your house or other structures. If this is the case, tree trimming will restore a more pleasing shape and prevent damages to your property.

If you have a tree that seems unsightly, sickly, or unsafe in any way, give us a call. We can evaluate the tree and determine which type of tree trimming services are warranted in your situation.


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