Trimming Your Own Trees? Follow These 5 Safety Tips

August 24, 2021
August 24, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

Trimming Your Own Trees? Follow These 5 Safety Tips

For a variety of reasons, tree trimming is sometimes necessary. Whether you’re cleaning up cluttered limbs to allow more air flow, or removing damaged limbs that are at risk of falling, take these steps to do the job safely.

Never work close to power lines. If the tree or any of its limbs are at risk of falling onto a power line, don’t even get started. Call a professional for assistance. If a damaged limb is at imminent risk of falling onto a power line, call the electric company now.

Use the right safety equipment. Even if you think it’s just a simple job, protect your head from the possibility of blows from falling limbs. Use appropriate eye and ear protection, and protect your hands with gloves. If you’re using power equipment, make sure you’ve been properly trained for using these items. One mistake can be costly. And, never climb onto rickety ladders and attempt to use any power equipment or sharp objects overhead. The risk of falling is just too great.

Survey the risks. Tree trimming can involve a lot of unplanned variables, but taking your time to identify possible risks can help. If the tree is split anywhere, don’t attempt to trim it yourself. Split parts of trees are often under pressure, like a spring, and can pop back in unexpected directions as you cut. Also, try to predict where your cuttings will fall. Will they take down other limbs on their way down, or damage nearby property? Sometimes limbs don’t fall in exactly they direction you would expect.

Assess the tree for disease. Diseased trees are often weakened, and trimming them can result in unexpected consequences.

Clearly mark your job area. Everyone in the vicinity should understand that work is going on overhead, and steer clear.

Call a pro. Many tree trimming jobs are just too risky for the average homeowner to attempt alone. Call in the professionals, and we’ll get the job done quickly and safely.


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