Tree Trimming: A Necessary Step to Improve Curb Appeal

June 5, 2018
June 5, 2018 Ryan McFadgen

Tree Trimming: A Necessary Step to Improve Curb Appeal

What is the impression that you are setting with the appearance of your yard? The topic of curb appeal is usually discussed when someone is preparing to sell a property. But, curb appeal shouldn’t be neglected even if you aren’t planning to sell for a while.

Why Curb Appeal is Important

The appearance of your home sets an impression that affects the way other people view your family. When neighbors drive by or friends come to visit, the outside aesthetics of your home will have an impact on the opinion that is formed by that person.

A yard that is run down and in need of landscaping work will send the message that your family neglects the details that are important for a nice home. On the other hand, a beautiful, manicured yard shows that you are proactive to care for the details in your life.

Tree Trimming and Curb Appeal

You can pull the weeds and mow the lawn, but your yard work won’t be complete if the trees are overgrown and misshapen. The trees create the overarching design of the yard. So, the quality of your trees can make-or-break your curb appeal.

If you are preparing to sell your home, then you need to be sure that you schedule an appointment with a tree trimming company before the property photos are taken. We can cut back the trees to create the right appearance for your property listing.

These yard care tasks not only set a good impression for potential buyers. But, tree trimming also helps to reduce the risk of the buyers negotiating on the asking price. For example, a buyer might offer a reduced price if they think that a large, old tree could be a risk to the structure of the house. People don’t want to buy a home and immediately have the responsibility to take on major yard care projects.

Our team offers a variety of yard care services to help with the appearance of your home. We can take care of the tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, and more. Contact us at E.L.M. Tree Care to learn about the best treatments for your yard: (951) 216-3650


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