We all love our trees, but sometimes they must go. Damage and disease can cause trees to become unsightly and even hazardous. Dead trees must be removed as they pose a fire danger as well as contributing to other potential problems. And of course, sometimes we must remove a tree to make way for construction progress and other goals. We provide tree removal in Temecula and surrounding areas, for any reason that you need the service performed.

Everything concerning tree work can be dangerous, but tree removal requires extreme caution and expert attention. Falling limbs – or the entire tree – pose a danger to homeowners who try to remove trees themselves, and of course equipment malfunctions send many people to the emergency room each year. To successfully fell a tree, you need many years of experience, along with knowledge of dangerous tools, advanced cutting techniques, tree biology, and even physics. A tree falling just a few degrees in the wrong direction can create a disaster!

Potential risks involved with tree removal in Temecula:

Power lines – If your tree hits a power line, potentially the best result is that you knock out power to your home or even the entire neighborhood. It’s more likely that you will be electrocuted and suffer serious injury or death. That black coating on power lines serves as weather insulation, but is not intended to serve as complete protection against electrocution.

Improper equipment – There is a reason that OSHA requires tree removal professionals to wear head-to-toe protective gear. Intensive training is also required to safely operate equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, chains, and wood chippers.

Decaying wood – A tree that is decaying from the inside out can prove to be extremely unstable. These trees can collapse without warning, and should be removed as soon as possible. However, due to their instability, it can be difficult to know how or where exactly they will fall. Even experienced professionals often opt for the use of a crane in these circumstances. Never attempt to remove a decaying tree yourself!

Gravity – Once a tree is in motion, nothing can or will stop it. The power of gravity is bringing that behemoth to the ground, and often not in the direction you would expect. Poor judgment can result in the tree falling on nearby homes, cars, power lines, or even the person cutting it.

Don’t risk your life or property by attempting to remove a tree yourself, because without expert guidance it can be difficult to know what you’re getting yourself into! We provide tree removal in Temecula and surrounding areas, with all of the proper equipment, certifications, and training necessary to perform this dangerous but necessary task. Give us a call, and we can give you an estimate on your tree removal project.


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