Tree Removal in Small Spaces Can Be Tricky Business

August 12, 2020
August 12, 2020 Ryan McFadgen

Tree Removal in Small Spaces Can Be Tricky Business

You can already imagine how difficult and dangerous a full tree removal can be, even if the tree is growing in a wide open space. We need the tree to fall in the correct direction, both to protect ourselves and and to avoid damage to nearby buildings, cars, or other property.

But when that tree is located in a tight space, those same problems are multiplied. Not only do you need that tree to fall where expected; missing by mere feet can be dangerous and disastrous.

On top of that, some tight spaces won’t even allow for the entire tree to fall at once, in any direction! In those situations we must take down the tree in pieces. The job is much more complicated, and requires more skill and time to complete. And of course, we must calculate not just one, but multiple cuts. Each cut must result in that piece of the tree falling exactly where we want it to go.

For these jobs we use professional climbing and rigging equipment. Climbers make calculated cuts where needed, and ropes ensure that each piece of the tree falls correctly. These jobs require a specialized team, with each member tasked with ensuring safety of each other as well as nearby property.

As you can imagine, a lot of professional training and experience is required for tree removal in small spaces. This is why we urge property owners to never attempt tree removal themselves, but especially in cases like these. Any time you attempt tree removal yourself, you’re taking an enormous risk. But when that job is conducted in multiple stages with multiple cuts to the tree, you’re taking an enormous risk with each cut. 

You might view YouTube videos on this topic, and the professionals make the process look smooth and simple. We promise, it only looks that way due to years of training and experience!

So if you do need a tree removal of any type, but especially one in a tight space, please call us for assistance. We will review the work needed and explain it step by step, so that you can make an informed and, most importantly, safe decision.


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