The One Time You Should Never Trim a Tree

December 10, 2019
December 10, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

The One Time You Should Never Trim a Tree

We frequently discuss all of the situations in which tree trimming is not only desirable, but necessary. But there are also times that you should not attempt to cut branches or alter a tree in anyway. And here is the most important instance of all: Don’t trim trees that are growing near power lines!

Sure, you mean well. The tree is overgrown, and perhaps it needs a trim for either health or aesthetic reasons. More importantly, you’re worried about falling limbs taking out a power line on its way down. So you’re right to assume that trimming the tree now can prevent a power outage and dangerous situation later, like during a storm.

But here’s the problem: When you trim that tree, things won’t always go as planned. And you could very well cause the situation that you’re hoping to prevent! Not only could you drop a limb on that power line; someone could get hurt. And your utility company might not be too pleased about the situation, either. In some places, it’s actually illegal to trim trees near power lines.

In the event that a falling limb triggers a power outage, you might not be the only one affected. Your entire street could lose power, or perhaps even the neighborhood. Not only is this an inconvenience for everyone; occasionally, those who depend upon electricity to power medical devices could be endangered by an outage. And of course, there is always the danger of fire. Your home, as well as others, could be affected.

You should contact your utility company if you’re concerned about an imminent threat to a power line, such as a loose and dangling limb that is about to fall. Otherwise, this is a maintenance issue that can be addressed in coming days.

If you have an overgrown tree near a power line, don’t attempt tree trimming yourself. Give us a call, and we’ll come out to give you a professional estimate of the services needed.



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