The MOST Important Tree Trimming Rule

March 25, 2022
March 25, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

The MOST Important Tree Trimming Rule

As you might imagine, tree trimming can sometimes be hazardous work. And so, you know that a number of safety precautions must be taken before undertaking any type of tree work. For the homeowner, a decision must sometimes be made between doing it yourself or hiring a professional. And that decision will be based on a number of factors… But there is one condition under which you should NEVER attempt tree trimming yourself…

Don’t even think about trimming a tree that is growing near a power line! 

Yes, you are concerned about limbs dropping on the line, or perhaps even the entire tree could fall. And the tree might be diseased, unsightly, or otherwise a serious nuisance or potential hazard. But no matter how urgent the matter seems, don’t even consider doing this job yourself when a power line is present.

Why not? Well, because things don’t always go as planned. Ironically, many homeowners have tried to prevent a dangling tree limb from falling on a power line by trimming it back… And they end up inadvertently causing the exact emergency they were trying to prevent! Someone could get seriously hurt, and in even the best case scenario, you might knock out the power to your home or even the entire neighborhood.

Aside from the danger and potential nuisance of losing power, you could actually get yourself into trouble by trimming trees growing close to power lines. In some places, this activity is illegal.

If you spot a tree near a power line that looks like an immediate potential hazard, call your power company to report the problem. Or, just call us to come out and give you a professional opinion on the issue. We can advise you on the steps you need to take next, in order to prevent an emergency while following important safety guidelines.


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