Why Tree Trimming is Essential for Healthy Fruit Trees

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018 Ryan McFadgen

Why Tree Trimming is Essential for Healthy Fruit Trees

Southern California is an excellent place to have a few backyard fruit trees. The weather is perfect for most of the year, creating a great environment to grow your favorite fruit. Whether you have a backyard garden with a few fruit trees or a full orchard, it is essential that you consider the ongoing care that is needed to increase the yield of the trees.

Tree Trimming for Fruit Trees

Tree trimming is often thought to be an aesthetic treatment to make your trees look good. But, trimming is also essential to protect the health of the trees. If you neglect the care of these plants, then you could have problems with fruit growth in the future.

It is natural for all types of trees to develop dead branches and bare areas over time. The growth cycle of the trees results in branches that need to be removed. When these older areas are cut back, it stimulates the new growth so that the tree can flourish.

If you are struggling to get new growth to occur, then it might be time to trim the tree. Cutting the older branches will revitalize the tree, creating more healthy branches where the fruit can grow. It is common for gardeners to see an increase in fruit yield after the trees are trimmed.

Why Does Fruit Yield Increase?

Why would tree trimming help to increase the annual yield? There are several reasons why trimming is supportive for the health of the tree. First, cutting away the dead branches can open up areas of the tree that weren’t getting enough sunlight. Also, the tree can focus the growth efforts on the healthiest branches, increasing the chances that there will be enough growth for fruit.

Do you have questions about raising healthy fruit trees? You need to talk to our experienced team to learn more about the ways you can care for your trees. We are here to help with tree trimming and removal services throughout the year. Contact our team at E.L.M. Tree Care if you have questions about proper tree pruning practices: (951) 216-3650


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