6 Critical Tree Care Tips for Summer

June 18, 2019
June 18, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

6 Critical Tree Care Tips for Summer

Your trees provide welcome shade during the hot summer months. In return, why not perform a few basic wellness checks to keep them healthy? This brief guide will introduce a few basic tree care tips, but please feel free to call us with more complicated questions.

Check the soil. Many tree health issues begin with the soil. Nutrients, acidity, and other components of your soil will go a long way toward protecting the health of your trees (or creating health problems, as the case may be). Check your soil acidity and adjust according to your tree’s needs, and remember to fertilize regularly. These steps are particularly important for young saplings.

Water your trees. During periods of dry weather, especially when it’s hot outside, your trees will appreciate a thorough watering. During periods of drought, offer your trees about one inch of water every 7 to 10 days. Since it’s better to water deeply just once, rather than offering shallow watering more frequently, this should be easy to fit into your schedule. Just be careful not to over-water if your yard drains poorly.

Mulch your trees. A mulch ring, at least two inches deep, will help to retain moisture and discourage weeds.

Check for pests. You might notice the pests themselves, clinging to leaves and branches, or simply their signs of damage (chewed leaves in most cases). Japanese beetles and bagworm are especially problematic in the summer. If you notice a proliferation of any pest, call a tree expert immediately to prevent further damage.

Read all herbicide labels. Some herbicides that kill weeds can also damage trees. Read labels carefully and use chemicals correctly in your yard.

Address damages right away. If a storm, pest infestation, or some other event damages your trees, address the problem right away. Removing dead or dying limbs can rejuvenate the tree and prevent damage to roofs, cars, and structures in the yard. Call us for professional tree trimming services, and we can help to improve the health of your trees while protecting your property.




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