Stop! Don’t Trim That Cracked Tree!

September 24, 2021
September 24, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

Stop! Don’t Trim That Cracked Tree!

Let’s say you’ve walked out into your yard, discovered a tree with a large crack, and realized it poses a danger of falling the wrong way or you simply find it unsightly. You decide to remove it or trim off the damaged part yourself… What could go wrong? Well, actually, plenty could go wrong! Cracked trees can be incredibly dangerous, and we don’t recommend that you attempt to remedy the situation yourself.

Cracks can result from disease over time, or one-time damage from a storm or some other event. You might discover cracks in the trunk of the tree, or simply on a limb or two.

Once cracked, the trees poses a major risk of falling. Even just a limb can do damage to anything underneath it, or injure a person who happens to be nearby. And no, the fall might not happen only during a rainstorm. Cracks indicate a weakened tree, and it could fall at any time – even on a completely calm, sunny day.

Aside from falling, cracked trees pose another significant danger. Anyone who attempts to trim these trees will face a large, heavy object that is essentially wound up like a spring. Because of the weight of the tree and the internal damage, the tree is already under significant tension. Often it can be difficult to gauge how much tension! And once you begin cutting into that tree, whether the crack is located within the trunk or limbs, you could suddenly release that tension… And the tree or limbs could be flung in any direction.

That’s why it’s best to contact a certified tree trimming company to deal with these situations. We have the training to assess your damaged tree, determine the type and extent of damage, and predict its likely path if that tension is released. We can trim the tree safely, and protect you and your property from the potential injury of damage that can result from handling these dangerous jobs yourself.


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