Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior with Tree Trimming

March 4, 2020
March 4, 2020 Ryan McFadgen

Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior with Tree Trimming

With interest rates dropping, dropping, and dropping some more, you might be considering a move. After all, right now is a terrific time to buy a new home! But of course, you will probably want to sell your current home before doing so.

Or, maybe you’re planning to stay put, but you want to do some spring cleaning and spruce up the yard. Either way, a good tree trimming can boost your home’s curb appeal.

Trimmed trees are healthier trees. Trees must combat weather conditions, pests, diseases and more. And over time, those things can do damage to your tree. Tree trimming on a regular basis can promote healthy growth and rid the tree of damaged or diseased areas. Pruning back overly large branches can also make the tree stronger and better able to withstand weather conditions.

Trimming also makes trees more attractive. Healthier trees are more attractive, in general, so properly caring for your trees over time will help them look their best. But tree trimming also immediately adds value to your yard, by removing unsightly damaged limbs. Pruning your trees also helps them hold a more attractive shape, and increasing air flow between branches cuts back on that unwieldy, overgrown look that trees can get over time.

Tree trimming even makes your yard safer. Damaged or unstable trees pose a falling risk, which can put your property and even lives in jeopardy. Even limbs dropping onto a roof or gutters can damage them. Sometimes insurance does not cover damages caused by trees, because their upkeep is part of expected maintenance. Even when insurance does cover damages, you will be responsible for the deductible. So, keeping your trees trimmed can prevent financial damages as well.

For more information on tree trimming and how it can improve the look of your yard, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate on services, and help you keep your trees healthy and happy.


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