Should You Grind that Stump or Have It Removed?

July 23, 2021
July 23, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

Should You Grind that Stump or Have It Removed?

If you’ve had to remove a tree, you now have one decision left to make. What are you going to do with the leftover stump?

Yes, some people choose to just leave the stump there. But tree stumps can be eyesores in the yard. You might also wish to do something else with that space, and you might get sick of tripping over the old stump. And maybe you simply get tired of maneuvering your lawnmower around it. There are plenty of good reasons to get rid of an old tree stump, and not many reasons to keep one.

So now you face a choice. Should you opt for a stump grinding service? Or should you have the stump pulled out and removed entirely?

Stump grinding involves the use of a powerful machine that grinds the stump down to be level with the ground around it. The roots are left in place, and while they should decay over time, the process can take years. In the meantime you might experience new shoots coming up, or the presence of excess fungus (mushrooms) in the area.

On the other hand, there are plenty of good reasons to opt for stump grinding. It’s quick, more economical than complete stump removal, and you’re left with a “clean slate” to use as you please. Stump grinding won’t disturb the yard around the stump, and you can even use the leftover wood chips as mulch.

Stump removal, sometimes called “stump pulling” is a much more invasive and messy process. The entire stump and quite a bit of the tree’s roots will be yanked out of the ground with great force, leaving a significant hole in your yard. It’s much more costly, but it does completely eliminate the old stump and roots so that you don’t have to worry about regrowth and fungal issues.

Ultimately the choice comes down to your individual preferences. If you’re researching your tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal options, give us a call. We can offer you an expert opinion on all of your options, so that you can choose the one that works best for your situation.


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