Should You Consider Stump Grinding?

August 20, 2022
August 20, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

Should You Consider Stump Grinding?

We all love our trees, and hate to see one go. But that sometimes has to happen for a variety of reasons. The tree might get sick and die, or it might become too damaged to save. It could partially fall during a storm, or it might simply grow too large and encroach upon your home. Whatever happens, there will be a stump left over. There might even be a few stumps in your yard already, from trees removed in the past.

Some homeowners simply leave the stump there, but that’s not always a good idea for several reasons. For one, the stump can actually begin regrowing a new tree. So if the tree needed to be removed for aesthetic reasons or because the roots were growing into your foundation, you’ll simply regrow a new problem.

And unfortunately, a decomposing stump will invite termites into your yard, because they love rotting wood. From the stump they are very likely to move on into your home, where they can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Stumps can also get in the way of new projects you want to install, like a garden or a walkway. And of course, stumps just aren’t very appealing from an aesthetic point of view.

When we remove a tree, we can truly remove the entire thing – stump and all. And we will often do that with stump grinding. But if a tree was removed in the past and you have a leftover stump, you might just need a stump grinding service.

Stump grinding is one way to deal with these stumps that are so unsightly and inconvenient. We simply grind it down level with the ground, and you can’t tell there was ever a tree there! If that sounds like the solution you’re looking for, just give us a call. We will come out and assess your situation, and advise you on whether stump grinding can solve your problem.



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