Helpful Palm Tree Terminology

June 20, 2021
June 20, 2021 Ryan McFadgen

Helpful Palm Tree Terminology

From time to time, your palm trees will need trimming. But because palm tree terminology can be a bit different from other trees, we want you to understand what we’re talking about when we come out to assess your trees! Check this guide to learn all the terms commonly used for palm trees.

Fronds: These are the leaves that grow from the crown of the plant. There are different styles of fronds, such as pinnate, bipinnate, and palmate. Depending upon the type of palm tree, they can range from green to brownish-green, and vary in thickness.

Petiole: This is the stem of the palm frond, between the leaf sheath and the leaflets.

Leaflet: Fronds are separated into leaflets attached to a stem. Leaflets are often V-shaped, and can be upright or inverted.

Sheaths: These are the structures closest to the tree’s trunk, which holds the leaf to the trunk.

Spathe: This is a large, woody bract that covers the flowering part of the palm tree.

Fruit bunch: Every three years, an oil palm trees bear fresh fruit bunches. These are harvested to make palm oil.

Bulb, or pup: Like many varieties of flowers, palm trees have bulbs (also called pups). The bulbs form a cluster around the base of the palm tree and and stems grow from each bulb. These are commonly associated with the short, shrub-like Sago palms.

If you learn these palm tree terms, we can better communicate when you call us regarding any problems. And if your palm trees do need any work, we can much better explain our process to you.

On that note, give us a call if you notice anything unusual about your palm trees. We will assess their health and offer a quote on our services if trimming or other procedures are necessary.




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