Is Your Tree Sick? What to Do Next

July 15, 2022
July 15, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

Is Your Tree Sick? What to Do Next

You would probably notice if a child or another family member looked ill. There are signs of sickness that we can all recognize. But when it comes to your trees, would you notice if one of them were suffering from a disease? And would you know what to do?

Is your tree sick? Trees provide us with shade and natural beauty, and can increase both the curb appeal and monetary value of real estate. Plus, many of us are simply emotionally attached to our trees! And so it makes sense that we want to take care of them. The following signs can point toward a disease, pests, or something else going wrong with your tree:

  • Leave are discolored, spotty, or have holes
  • Limbs are dropping off
  • Shedding of brown or red needles (in evergreens)
  • Bark is flaking or falling off
  • You actually notice bark beetles on the tree
  • Fungus is present on the trunk or limbs of the tree
  • Leaves become brittle in the summer months
  • Insects are nesting in the tree’s roots
  • Sightings of carpenter ants

If you see any of these signs, it’s a good indication that your tree is sick and needs help.

What to do for a sick tree. As with human illnesses, a correct diagnosis will help you decide what to do next. Early treatment can possibly save your tree from death, so you don’t want to delay by ignoring the problem or treating the tree for the wrong illness. So if you notice the above signs, consulting with a tree expert should be your next action.

Call us for assistance right away, and we can help you determine what is going wrong with your tree. In many cases a sick tree can be cured and saved. But if it turns out that your tree is too far gone and needs to be removed, we can do that safely.



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