How to Remove a Tree Over Your Home

January 26, 2022
January 26, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

How to Remove a Tree Over Your Home

Last week, we published a blog on what to do if a tree falls on your house. While that’s certainly good information to have, we definitely hope that you never need it! When a tree falls on your home, your property isn’t the only thing at risk. There is always the chance that someone could be hurt or killed in such an incident. And so, it’s better to address any risks ahead of time, rather than waiting to clean up a big mess and treat injuries after the fact.

That’s why every homeowner should carefully assess any tree that is leaning toward or over their homes, and decide what to do about it. If a tree is at risk of falling on the house, we have ways of removing them to prevent injuries and damages.

Cutting down a tree is always a risky business, because we’re talking about dropping a very large object that can sometimes fall unpredictably. Tree removal experts are, of course, meticulously trained in this skill. And tree removal is dangerous at any time, but especially if there is a structure in the way. For this job, you definitely want to call in the experts.

First, we will assess a number of factors, such as the lay of the land, size of the tree, how badly it is leaning, and the presence of power lines. We might also address legal requirements, such as special permits that are needed in some areas.

Then, we will make a detailed plan for bringing down the tree safely. We will decide where the tree will fall, and how to get out of the way safely. Special equipment will be needed, in order to convince the tree to fall in a direction other than the one it is leaning. Remember, it wants to fall on your house, and we want it to go in a different direction. So depending upon the situation, we will bring in equipment such as wedges, ropes, or shims to convince the tree to fall in the right direction.

It’s all a matter of careful planning, and experienced understanding of how trees tend to fall once cut. Never attempt to remedy this situation yourself! If you have a tree leaning over your home, call us to evaluate the risks and then we’ll make a plan to remove it for you.


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