How to Properly Maintain Your Citrus Tree

September 16, 2022
September 16, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

How to Properly Maintain Your Citrus Tree

If you’re lucky enough to have a citrus tree in your yard, you probably feel motivated to take good care of it. After all, who wouldn’t love to enjoy an abundance of free, delicious fruit right outside their door?

But you might make the mistake of thinking that a citrus tree won’t need much care, because they do grow so easily here in Southern California. Yes, our climate is ideal for this type of fruit tree, but they still need some attention and maintenance in order to stay perfectly healthy. When you take good care of your tree, you’ll enjoy a prettier landscaping feature as well as more fruit each season.

Prune away dead branches. Even a healthy tree will have some dead twigs and branches. When you see these, remove them right away. Dead branches can attract certain pests that will take a deep toll on fruit trees.

Remove suckers if they appear. Does it look like your tree is sending up new shoots at the base of the trunk? While it might seem like a harmless attempt at procreation, suckers can actually damage the tree by sapping too much of its energy. Remove these as they appear.

Thin your citrus tree as needed. Like any other type of tree, citrus trees might need occasional thinning. Each year before it begins to produce flowers, look at your tree’s branches. If the canopy is so overgrown that branches are touching, they could suffer lack of light and air circulation. Properly thinning them can ensure that the tree stays healthier, resists fungal infection, and produces better quality fruit.

Consider keeping your tree shorter. Pruning your citrus tree won’t increase fruit production, as is often the case with many types of fruit trees. But if you keep it on the shorter side, you’ll still enjoy plenty of fruit and you’ll be able to gather it all!

If you need help with pruning your citrus tree, or have any other questions, give us a call. We can help you keep your tree healthy and productive for many years to come.


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