How to Know It’s Time for Tree Trimming

October 13, 2020
October 13, 2020 Ryan McFadgen

How to Know It’s Time for Tree Trimming

You see your trees every day, so it can be difficult to notice gradual changes over the long term. How do you know it’s time to trim your trees? Just be on the lookout for these signs.

Broken branches. Broken branches can be unsightly, but they can also drop unexpectedly and cause damage or injury. These needs to be removed promptly to save you from more problems later.

Dead sections. If you notice sections of dead wood on your tree, it needs to be assessed immediately. Decaying wood can drop off unexpectedly and pose a danger to people and property below. In some cases the entire tree might need to be removed, but in other cases tree trimming can remove dangerous sections and save the tree.

Dense branches. If you can’t see through your tree, it’s time for a trim. Thick, dense branches are more likely to catch wind during a storm and sustain damage. Plus, trimming those overgrown branches can allow more light and air to all parts of your tree, keeping it healthier in the long run.

Wandering branches. When a branch grows too long it can tangle in power lines, help unwanted critters access your attic, or simply become structurally unsound. Overly long branches need to be removed promptly before they cause considerable damage to your home or other structures.

Abnormal growth patterns. In some cases, competing with other nearby trees can cause a tree to grow in strange shapes. If your tree is growing more outward than upward, for example, the entire thing can eventually collapse under its own weight. Regular tree trimming can prevent loss of the entire tree.

In other cases, an oddly shaped tree might simply be an eyesore. Trimming it into a more pleasing shape can rejuvenate the look of your whole yard.

Do remember that tree trimming can be dangerous, and don’t attempt these tasks yourself. Give us a call and we can offer you an estimate on pruning your trees into a safer, more attractive shape.



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