How Close is Too Close?

September 5, 2018
September 5, 2018 Ryan McFadgen

How Close is Too Close?

In the tree trimming business, it’s not uncommon for us to receive this panicked call: Help! A tree fell on our house last night! We need help removing it pronto. 

While we’re always happy to help with those situations, we’d rather receive this call: Hey, there’s a tree that seems a bit too close to the house. We’re wondering if it needs to go. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that preventing a major catastrophe is a lot simpler (and more affordable) than dealing with one after it happens.

When a tree is too close to your house, a lot of unwanted things can happen, such as:

  • The entire tree can come down… onto your house. Obviously, you’re looking at possible serious damage and expense in this situation.
  • Just a few limbs can come down… But they still damage your roof and now you need repairs.
  • The tree blocks sunlight to your home, leading to a greater potential for rot on your roof and trim.
  • The tree’s roots damage the foundation of your home, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Often, it’s easy to tell if a tree is too close to your home. Sometimes a previous homeowner just didn’t plan ahead, and that pretty little oak sapling that they planted 40 years ago is now a behemoth that threatens your safety and investment! You’d be surprised at the number of large trees we’ve found growing mere feet from houses.

On the other hand, a tree can appear a safe distance from your home, and it might be just fine in the sense that the root system is unlikely to bother your foundation. But if it’s a very tall tree, you should still assess its health occasionally. A diseased tree will become brittle, and even hollow inside. Now it poses a very real danger of dropping enormous limbs, or the entire thing can topple over. Even if it’s thirty feet from your home, a sixty-foot diseased tree is obviously a hazard if it falls the wrong way.

Do you have a tree that is dangerously close to your home?  If so, we can remove the tree along with its potential danger.  Whilee we’re visiting, we’ll also assess the health of other trees near your home to rule out any other sources of future problems.


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