Don’t Neglect Your Trees! Here’s Why…

April 15, 2022
April 15, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

Don’t Neglect Your Trees! Here’s Why…

Do you ever think about the value of the trees and landscaping in your yard? If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you focus on remodeling the kitchen or expanding the deck. But if you aren’t taking care of your yard, you could be harming the resale value of your home.

The reality is, a beautiful and well-maintained landscape, including trees and palms, adds significant value to your property. Not only is this important to the “curb appeal” of your home; an actualy financial value is attached to your yard!

But the actual value of your yard might surprise you. Did you know that a well-maintained landscape actually contributes 15 to 20 percent of your home’s value? Trees actually impact the value of your home in numerous ways, like providing shade and reducing cooling costs. Even if you don’t plan to sell the home in the near future, you will enjoy the benefits of lower electric bills in the summer.

But like any other part of home ownership, trees must be well maintained in order to preserve their beauty and value. In the worst case scenarios, a poorly maintained tree can become unsightly and diseased, or eventually die. But when well maintained, trees and palms actually grow in value over time. This can take several years, so you want to stay on top of their maintenance in the meantime.

And of course, the last thing you want to do is start all over with a new sapling when a tree dies and/or falls. No need to start all over with an investment that takes years to add ultimate value to your property!

Of course, maintenance of trees and palms is just one more chore for already busy homeowners. Give us a call, and we’ll show you what needs to be done and take care of the job for you.



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