Does That Tree Need to Come Down?

April 15, 2023
April 15, 2023 Ryan McFadgen

Does That Tree Need to Come Down?

Unfortunately, our trees sometimes die no matter how well we care for them. And once a tree is dead, it becomes a hazard before too long. As the wood dries out, it becomes brittle. Limbs are likely to snap and fall, or the entire trunk could break. When the tree eventually comes crashing down, it can destroy anything in its path. Tree removal is always necessary when a tree is completely dead.

But what about the ones that are ill, or barely hanging on? Do you have a chance to save the tree, or does it need to come down for the sake of safety? The best way to know is to call us for a professional consultation. But in the meantime, you can get a good idea of the urgency of your situation by asking the following questions.

How sick is the tree? If the tree is diseased, even a 15 percent loss of the canopy can mean it will never recover. If the tree is merely damaged by a storm or some other event, it could lose between 25 and 50 percent of the canopy before it’s definitely doomed. In some cases, an investment into treatment could save the treee. But the best way to know for sure is by consulting with a professional arborist.

Is the disease communicable? If the disease could be spread to other trees on your property, often the right course of action is to remove the sick tree before others are infected.

How much will it cost to recover? Sometimes a tree can be saved with the right nutrients, water, specialized applications, or anti-fungal treatments. But sometimes you will invest a significant amount of time and money into a tree and lose it anyway. A professional arborist can explain your odds of success.

Where is the tree located? If it falls, will your home, car, or other structures be at risk? What about power lines, or your family’s safety in general? When lives are at risk, it is usually better to get the tree removed as soon as possible.

Nothing lives forever, not even our trees. If a tree does need to be removed, don’t feel too bad about it. Give us a call for a professional opinion, and we can help protect your family and keep your other trees healthy.


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