December is Tree Trimming Season

December 3, 2019
December 3, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

December is Tree Trimming Season

Now that the weather has cooled down and trees are entering their dormant period, it’s time to perform any necessary tree trimming. At this time you can trim trees with the least risk of causing them harm, but you should still follow some basic protocol to protect your trees’ health.

Consider the size of branches you want to remove. Anything less than five centimeters in diameter can usually be safely removed. Those between five and ten centimeters should be carefully considered, and only removed when necessary. If a branch is over ten centimeters in diameter, you need a really good reason to justify removing it. Removing branches this large can significantly weaken the tree, and of course larger, heavier branches might not always fall the way you hope. This is a job for professionals.

Prune branches when they are young, if possible. They will be much easier to manage, and the risk of scarring is lower.

Trim branches with weak, narrow, and/or V-shaped angles. Keep branches with strong, U-shaped angles.

Keep live branches on at least two-thirds of a tree’s height. You don’t want to remove too many branches near the bottom of the tree. This can cause it to become top heavy and weak.

Trim at the appropriate length. Don’t cut into the branch collar, which can damage the tree, and avoid leaving a large stub.

Wear appropriate safety gear. As you perform tree trimming work, wear all appropriate safety gear for the job. A hard hat is a must, because branches don’t always fall the way you expect.

Leave crown reduction and climbing work to the pros. Crown reduction can be a tricky business. If you remove too much, you will seriously weaken the tree and could cause a falling hazard. And of course, any activities that involve climbing and chainsaws or sharp objects should definitely be left up to professionals!

If you need help with your tree trimming, or a consultation to determine which of your trees need work, give us a call. We can provide an estimate on services and help you get the job done professionally and safely.


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