Can You Plant Trees Around Your Swimming Pool?

March 21, 2023
March 21, 2023 Ryan McFadgen

Can You Plant Trees Around Your Swimming Pool?

If you’re considering a pool installation, you might already suspect that you will need to remove certain trees from the area. This would include species like large oak trees, whose expansive root systems can grow into the pool area and significantly damage it. But at the same time, you might want to landscape around your pool, to make it attractive and lend that beach or jungle vibe.  That’s completely understandable, and yes there are some varieties of tree that you can plant near a pool.

Acacia. Don’t plant these evergreens too close to your pool, but otherwise they are fine to place in the backyard. Their roots aren’t attracted to water, so they shouldn’t grow into your pool area. And acacias provide plenty of shade without much shedding; that’s perfect for your backyard pool area.

Windmill palms. A windmill palm lends that tropical feel, and they’re evergreen so they will look great all year long. A palm grows quickly, making it a great landscaping choice when you want the yard to look “finished” before too long. And a windmill palm won’t drop a lot of debris in your pool.

Spruce or cypress. These evergreens grow quickly and provide plenty of shade during hot summer months. And because they’re great noise blockers, a cypress or spruce tree will make your backyard retreat a bit more peaceful.

Before planting any tree near your pool, do your research so that you understand how quickly they grow and how expansive their root systems will become. But on the other hand, keep us in mind if you need to remove a tree or two before your pool installation. Call us and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate on removal, along with stump grinding or any other services you require.


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