5 Home Projects to Tackle Right Now – Plus 3 You Should Avoid

April 7, 2020
April 7, 2020 Ryan McFadgen

5 Home Projects to Tackle Right Now – Plus 3 You Should Avoid

There’s only so many times you can binge-watch Friends, and at some point you’ll want to get up off the couch. If you’re sticking close to home to ride out the coronavirus outbreak, you might be tempted to complete some long-overdue home maintenance tasks. Which ones will be most productive, and which ones should you skip for practical and/or safety reasons? We’ve got the answers…

Organization. Who wouldn’t feel better with a neat, organized home? You can start as small as that junk drawer in the kitchen, or go nuts and revamp the garage. Just stick to one area of the house at a time in order to avoid overload and confusion.

Rearrange the furniture. Before cabin fever overwhelms you, give yourself a change of scenery by rearranging the furniture. You’ll feel energized, and moving things around will give you some exercise.

Evaluate your lighting. Brighter bulbs or a few new lamps can freshen up your ambiance, and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

New decor. Online shopping offers a much better selection than brick and mortar stores, anyway. Luckily, you can score some great deals on clearance sales right now. Order up some new curtains, throw pillows, or a duvet cover, and enjoy the cozy new nest you’ve created for yourself.

Gardening. Don’t forget about the exterior of your home. You can boost curb appeal and get some healthy fresh air (and vitamin D, which supports the immune system) by planting some new flowers or a vegetable garden.

All of these ideas will keep you busy… but there are a few things you should avoid right now, too. The following activities could be dangerous:

Anything that requires unnecessary trips to the store. Order your organizing bins, gardening supplies, and so on from an online retailer. Obviously the point of quarantining is to avoid contact with others!

Work that requires professional licensing. Most of us can perform minor repairs and upgrades, but leave the serious electrical or plumbing work to the pros. There are too many different ways you can hurt yourself, and the hospital is the last place you wand to end up right now.

Tree trimming. Aside from very light pruning, leave the tree trimming work to the professionals. We have the right safety equipment for the job, and know how to make limbs (or whole trees) fall where they need to go. Give us a call if you have a tree trimming project to complete, and we can help you protect yourself and your property by giving you a quote on the work you need performed.



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