4 Tree Trimming Mistakes to Avoid

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020 Ryan McFadgen

4 Tree Trimming Mistakes to Avoid

The DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality is admirable, but can sometimes backfire. While most lawn and garden chores can be successfully completed by the average homeowner, we wanted to caution you about potential tree trimming mistakes. Trees require a bit more finesse than many other home maintenance chores, because the results of a mistake can range from unsightly to expensive and even to dangerous. Most tree trimming mistakes fall into these following categories, which we definitely recommend that you avoid.

Using the wrong tools. If you don’t have just the right tools for the job, results can turn out unattractive or even unhealthy for the tree. Rough or jagged cuts, from dull blades, can do more damage than good. Even something as simple as failing to properly clean tools between jobs can spread diseases from one tree to another.

Topping your tree. Simply put, topping a tree is something that an amateur should never attempt. Not only are climbing jobs inherently dangerous; topping can result in unexpected results. Often this technique will stimulate secondary growth with a weaker structure, and the result is an unattractive tree that poses a risk of splitting and falling in the future.

Improper technique. Tree trimming involves more precision than simply removing cluttered branches. Without the right technique, you tree can end up with an odd shape, unsightly scars, or water sprouts.

Unsafe practices. Without the right equipment and training, homeowners who attempt DIY tree trimming can experience unexpected falls and other mishaps. Damage to cars and buildings is the least of your worries; amateurs are sometimes injured and killed by falling limbs. And whatever you do, never attempt a complete tree removal on your own. Trees often do not fall the way bystanders believed they will.

We certainly don’t want to discourage a can-do attitude. But unless you’re dealing with the smallest of trees under the safest of circumstances, the best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call us. We will assess your tree trimming job and help you determine the safest and wisest way to proceed.


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