4 Tree Care Tips for Spring

February 16, 2023
February 16, 2023 Ryan McFadgen

4 Tree Care Tips for Spring

Earth day concept. Close up image of hand holding big trees growing on soil over garden and sky background. Planting trees will help reduce global warming, reduce pollution.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means getting your lawn and gardens in tip top shape. And of course, you want to make sure your trees are happy and healthy. These four tips can help you take good care of your trees, whether they’re old and established or new young saplings.

Water. With a long growing season ahead of us, not to mention the energy required for flowering or fruiting, your trees need plenty of water. This is especially true for younger trees, whose root systems are not yet established enough to reach moisture deep underground. Check regularly around the base of your trees, to be sure the top four to six inches of soil are comfortably moist (but not soaked). Do this each week throughout spring and summer, especially if we experience a drought.

Water deeply when needed (ideally before allowing the soil to dry out). And consider a drip irrigation system for your landscaping; it uses less water than overhead waterings, and will get the job done automatically so that you don’t risk forgetting.

Remove weeds. Make sure to remove weeds from around the base of your trees, especially the younger saplings. Weeds compete with trees for nutrients, and they detract from the beauty of your landscaping anyway.

Mulch. Mulch around the base of your trees to preserve moisture and nutrients in the soil. Mulch will also help to prevent weeds, so that aspect of tree care will be much easier.

Give your trees a checkup. Inspect your trees carefully for signs of disease and damage, including:

  • Missing bark on the trunk
  • Signs of rot
  • Broken or weak branches
  • Over-crowding of branches
  • Odd spots or discoloration on leaves
  • A lack of fruiting or flowering at the appropriate times

If you’re concerned about your trees’ health, or feel they might need trimming, give us a call. Regular trimming can help to preserve the health and life of your trees, and prevent situations like dropping limbs or loss of the entire tree.


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