4 Tips on Choosing a Tree Trimming Service

May 14, 2019
May 14, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

4 Tips on Choosing a Tree Trimming Service

Your yard, and everything in it, provides important aesthetic and monetary value to your home. It’s no wonder most homeowners pay considerable attention to their landscapes, and want them to look their best. Beyond that more obvious fact, your trees in particular can also become a safety hazard or a risk to your home’s structure. Naturally, you want to carefully screen any tree service before hiring them, both to protect your investment and to quite literally protect yourself!

But how exactly do you choose a professional tree trimming service? Because the work requires not only knowledge of trees, but also a certain level of skill and expertise, we urge you to carefully select your service before beginning any trimming or removal work.

Ask about insurance. Occasionally, tree trimming and removal work can become dangerous, especially when trees don’t fall exactly as planned. While experience almost always prevents these situations from happening, you definitely want to hire a tree service that carries the appropriate insurance just in case something does go awry.

Ask about credentials. Anyone with a chainsaw can knock on your door and offer to remove a tree for you. Yikes! While the deal might sound good with regard to upfront pricing, the cost of damage to your home or other trees can quickly grow to thousands of dollars. Ask your potential tree trimming service about credentials their employees possess, which indicate appropriate knowledge and training.

Check reviews. Check the tree company’s website, look them up on Yelp, or call the Better Business Bureau and inquire about them. A reputable company will be able to provide references from happy customers.

Ask for a written estimate. Verbal agreements can be difficult to enforce, and might change unexpectedly. Ask for an itemized written estimate of all tree trimming services to be performed, including clean-up work, so that there are no surprises. A professional tree trimming company won’t have any problem with providing this.

If you have questions on the above topics, or anything else regarding your trees’ health and upkeep, please give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss any issues with you, and will give you a fair and honest estimate of any tree work that you need performed on your property.



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