4 Reasons to Regularly Trim Your Trees and Palms

April 22, 2022
April 22, 2022 Ryan McFadgen

4 Reasons to Regularly Trim Your Trees and Palms

As your tree trimming experts, we talk a lot about the benefits of regularly trimming your trees and palms. Of course we do! That’s our line of work. But to be serious for a moment, tree trimming really is not a task that you want to neglect. The following four reasons will demonstrate why regular tree and palm maintenance is so important.

Reason Number One: If you fall behind, it is hard to catch up. Once your trees or palms become overgrown, they need a lot more work. And damage can be done in the meantime, so you have to address that too.

Reason Number Two: It will cost a lot more if you wait. If you wait to perform regular maintenance on your trees and palms, you’ll just have to play “catch up” later. That means more work and a higher expense. Your trees and palms are more likely to become diseased, meaning more remedial help might become necessary. And if they become overgrown, diseased, or weakened in any way, you could risk having a tree or even just big limbs falling on your house or car. Now you’re looking at damage and insurance claims.

Reason Number Three: You can lose property value. Neglected trees and palms mean unattractive or diseased landscaping. No one wants that! Overlooking this important maintenance can impact your curb appeal and lead to lower property values.

Reason Number Four: Neglected trees and palms equal wasted space. We only have so much real estate on Planet Earth, and your home represents your little slice of the pie. Why neglect your trees and palms, contributing to an unattractive or unusable yard?

Clearly, we’re a big fact of regular tree and palm maintenance. But as you can see from the above points, you should be too. Give us a call about your tree trimming needs, and we will be happy to evaluate your situation and offer a quote on the work you need.


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