3 Basics of Tree Care to Remember

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019 Ryan McFadgen

3 Basics of Tree Care to Remember

Most people enjoy the look of trees on their property, and we certainly all enjoy the shade that they provide. But when it comes to tree care, most people assume that established trees won’t need any work, or they simply aren’t sure of what to do.  While it’s true that some adult trees are more low-maintenance than others, most trees need at least basic care in these three areas.

Fertilization. Fertilization mostly applies to younger trees, but could apply to adult trees depending upon the species and climate. If you aren’t sure of how to feed and water your tree, ask a professional for guidance. Like people, properly nourished trees are healthier, grow better, and are more resistant to disease.

Disease prevention and pest control. More trees die of diseases and pest infestations than of old age. Take the time to learn about the specific species of tree(s) on your property, and the types of diseases or pests that tend to prey upon them. As with human diseases, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But if you do need to cure a problem, consult with a professional to discover which treatments will work best on your tree.

Occasionally, a tree cannot be saved when it has become too damaged by disease or a pest problem. These trees will need to come down, because they can be a falling risk when weakened. You also want to avoid the disease spreading any further to nearby trees.

Proper tree trimming. Much like you need an occasional haircut or shave, trees need their growth managed as well! We trim trees for several important reasons, such as reducing falling risk of overgrown limbs, and managing diseases in the early stages. Tree trimming can also thin out limbs, helping the tree to receive more light and air. This will keep it healthier and more attractive in the long run.

For more information on tree care, particularly tree trimming or tree removal, give us a call. We can help you evaluate your trees, and make recommendations for improvement in both health and aesthetics.



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