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How Often Do You Need to Trim Palm Trees?

As with all of the trees and shrubs in your yard, the time might arrive that you wonder, “Do I need to trim that palm tree?” Perhaps it’s sagging,  looking overgrown, or some of the fronds have broken. Or, maybe the tree has grown too large or close to the house. It’s a fire hazard, or it’s blocking your view. In some cases, dead fronds provide the perfect hiding space for scorpions and other pests, and you certainly don’t want that!

First, keep in mind that there are good reasons and bad reasons for trimming a palm tree. The above motivations could be considered reasonable ones. But if you think that trimming the tree will rejuvenate it or spur new growth, you should put down the pruning shears. Palm trees don’t rejuvenate like many other trees and shrubs; pruning won’t make them grow faster or healthier, and if not done correctly, it can ruin your tree.

Having said that, let’s assume you do need to trim your palm trees for one of the “good” reasons listed above. What now?

If you’re going to try and do it yourself, keep these things in mind…

First, remember to protect yourself. Wear safety glasses, gloves, pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Don’t attempt to use any equipment if you don’t feel completely comfortable with it.  Tree trimming comes with a level of inherent danger.

Use sharp pruning shears or a saw to remove any dead, wilting, or diseased fronds from the tree. Make sure not to remove any green fronds, especially those that are growing horizontally or up, because loss of healthy fronds will stress the tree.

Leave plenty of healthy, green fronds on the tree. These produce food for the tree, so that it can stay healthy and grow. Resist the urge to skin the trunks or prune your palm trees into a particular shape. This might seem like a fun idea at the time, but over-pruning a palm tree can cause loss.

Of course, you can avoid all of the hassle and inconvenient of trimming your own trees but simply giving us a call.  Our team of experienced professionals will give your yard and trees the care they need at a price you can afford!  Give us a call or send us a message via our website.  We’ll gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for your trees.

What Services are Available from a Professional Tree Trimming Company?

Is it worth your time to call a professional tree trimming company? If you have big projects that need to be addressed in the yard, then it might be best to contact the professionals instead of attempting a DIY project. We always customize the services to match the needs of our customers. These are some of the common services that are offered:

  • Tree Removal: If the tree is in the way or a potential threat to the home, then tree removal might be the best solution. We will take down the tree using the safety techniques to avoid damage to your property.
  • Tree Trimming: Not only will tree trimming improve the appearance of your yard, but these services are helpful to maintain the health of your tree as well. Tree trimming is important to shape the tree and cut back the branches that are overgrown.
  • Fruit Tree Care: Ask us about the right timing for the trimming of your fruit trees. Strategic care for the trees can maximize yield and improve the quality of fruit that is harvested.
  • Stump Grinding: After a tree has been removed, it might be necessary to hire someone for stump grinding. Talk to our team to see if you need these services.
  • Shrub Removal: Get rid of the old, overgrown shrubs so that you can update the appearance of your yard. We can help with all types of shrub removal, making it easier than ever to clear out the old, overgrown bushes.

We are working hard to offer the best services in Temecula and Murrieta. If you think that you need tree trimming or tree removal services, then we invite you to contact our team for a personalized plan. We always offer custom recommendations to ensure your satisfaction.

Our team offers fair pricing and unbeatable services. We strive to maintain the highest levels of safety and professionalism to protect your home and property while we are working. Call E.L.M. Tree Care to learn about the best treatments for your yard: (951) 216-3650

Tree Trimming: A Necessary Step to Improve Curb Appeal

What is the impression that you are setting with the appearance of your yard? The topic of curb appeal is usually discussed when someone is preparing to sell a property. But, curb appeal shouldn’t be neglected even if you aren’t planning to sell for a while.

Why Curb Appeal is Important

The appearance of your home sets an impression that affects the way other people view your family. When neighbors drive by or friends come to visit, the outside aesthetics of your home will have an impact on the opinion that is formed by that person.

A yard that is run down and in need of landscaping work will send the message that your family neglects the details that are important for a nice home. On the other hand, a beautiful, manicured yard shows that you are proactive to care for the details in your life.

Tree Trimming and Curb Appeal

You can pull the weeds and mow the lawn, but your yard work won’t be complete if the trees are overgrown and misshapen. The trees create the overarching design of the yard. So, the quality of your trees can make-or-break your curb appeal.

If you are preparing to sell your home, then you need to be sure that you schedule an appointment with a tree trimming company before the property photos are taken. We can cut back the trees to create the right appearance for your property listing.

These yard care tasks not only set a good impression for potential buyers. But, tree trimming also helps to reduce the risk of the buyers negotiating on the asking price. For example, a buyer might offer a reduced price if they think that a large, old tree could be a risk to the structure of the house. People don’t want to buy a home and immediately have the responsibility to take on major yard care projects.

Our team offers a variety of yard care services to help with the appearance of your home. We can take care of the tree trimming, tree removal, pruning, and more. Contact us at E.L.M. Tree Care to learn about the best treatments for your yard: (951) 216-3650

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4 Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning Services

Do you know how important it is to hire professional tree trimmers to care for the quality of your trees? Homeowners love having beautiful trees on their properties, but they don’t always realize the work that goes into caring for the health of these landscaping features.

Whether you have a few new saplings or mature trees are surrounding your home, the best thing you can do is talk to our experienced team to learn more about the care of these trees. Read more


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